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In addition to the general legal services it provides to all of its small business clients, The Law Office of Waddy Stephenson provides legal and compliance related services specific to the securities industry.

This office can provide assistance with your business’s compliance and regulatory issues, assist in responding to a regulatory inquiry or subpoena, or represent your business in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration.

Complying with FINRA rules can seem overbearing to small broker dealers and can consume many of their internal resources. Mr. Stephenson has revised written supervisory procedures and drafted a wide range of documents required by broker dealers, including employee certification forms, employee guidance memos, employee training plans, employment agreements, employee loan agreements, continuing membership applications, and business continuity plans.

Furthermore, transaction reviews required by FINRA are all but impossible without some form of automated tools. Because of his technical background, Mr. Stephenson has assisted in the design and development of automation tools that scan transaction data and flag transactions that require further review, helping to focus the broker dealer’s compliance resources where they will be the most effective.

Finally, Mr. Stephenson has assisted in drafting responses to inquiries from FINRA or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as subpoenas from law enforcement and civil litigants.

Mr. Stephenson is presently registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a General Securities Principal.